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How to Watch Anime on Your Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile apps like 9anime apk or sharing platform websites are some ways to watch anime. Let’s see how you can watch anime series on your smart devices today!

Hardcore fans of anime always have a desire to keep themselves updated with the latest released works. Some believe that nothing compares to enjoying your favorite anime episodes on hard optical disks. But we know that this isn’t the only way to watch anime thanks to the internet, and now, also smartphones.

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With a smartphone or a tablet in their hands, some anime fans choose to update the latest trends through streaming websites and apps. Those services are typically full of the most updated episodes as well as the old but gold anime series.

Meanwhile, some others decide to make use the mobile apps such as the 9anime apk that allows them to watch anime anytime right on their screen. Most of them are quite good at meeting the needs of anime fans for not only for watching videos but also other relevant interests.

In fact, there are many ways for an anime fan to pursue their hobbies, especially with the help of current technology and the internet. Today I made a brief guide on how and where anime fans can watch anime on smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Using the 9anime app

9anime app is an ideal choice for you to enjoy anime right on their devices. If you are a hardcore fan of anime, this is perfect for you because it allows you to watch many series anytime and anywhere with no need for laptops or TVs.

This Android apk app has a friendly interface that helps users to find their favorite contents effortlessly and effectively. You can search through different categories such as names, released years and genres.

It also has an extensive library of anime series that can meet all your preferences no matter what they are.

9anime also supports subtitles and dubbing in English so that you can experience watching anime better. In case you wish to save your favorite videos to your device, it allows users to download with no difficulty.

Using 9anime app can give you access to highly-rated anime series with no charge. All you need to do is launch the app and enjoy it for yourself. All the legendary anime series of all time such as Doraemon and Dragon Quest are available for you to watch now!

This app is available to download for free and you need to install an APK file to use the app. 9anime app apk file is easy to download and install so you have nothing to worry about. It’s compatible with various operating systems including Android, iOS, and Windows. It doesn’t disturb you with annoying ads either.

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Using Microsoft Store’s service

If you are using a device fr om Microsoft, it’s most likely that you know of the Microsoft Store. This is where you can buy various digital products such as music, videos, applications, and books. For your information, once you purchase on one of the devices such as your smartphones, you are allowed to access your content from any other device.

Like the 9anime app, this platform provides you with an extensive library of anime series. You can find a lot of great works here from the classic ones like Naruto and Dragonball Z, to less popular ones.

Purchasing a movie also means you can download it to your devices to watch later. This is helpful for those who usually travel to remote areas and who frequently commute to work by public transport.

Besides, the store has a Trialing Mode wh ere users can choose to watch the opening episode of the series with no charge. This is great because you can see if the film is interesting enough for you or not.

However, the Xbox One device doesn’t support the download feature. It means if you wish to watch anime on it, you will have to be connected to the Internet.

In addition to that, the stability of this platform is not as good as that of the 9anime app. It sometimes causes sudden interruptions, especially if you are in a slow connection area.

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Using Netflix

This may sound quite strange to you because most of you consider Netflix a platform to watch western movies and TV shows. However, this is a great source of anime series. Netflix even has initiated its very first project to create an anime of their own by collaborating with a few studios in Japan.

One thing users can benefit most from Netflix is that you have access to their incredibly large collection of contents. This means that you not only can watch an increasing number of animation series but also can enjoy a bunch of other movies and TV series right on this platform.

However, this app doesn’t include many popular and most-wanted anime series because most of the animation studios in the US don’t share the right to stream their works with other companies.

You can easily find the Netflix app on the application stores of various operating systems. However, unlike the 9anime app, this platform requires you to pay a subscription fee so you can use the service. You can try the free trial mode before becoming a user.

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Final thoughts

Anime is one of the most popular animation genres all over the world with a huge community of fans. They have many ways of their own to watch anime series as well as keep themselves noticed with the latest released works. It can either be a mobile app like the 9anime app or Netflix or a sharing service like the Microsoft Store.

From my own experience, I prefer the 9anime app. It’s free and easy to use. It has the most updated episodes included in the library. Besides, you are provided not only the videos but also many interesting relevant contents such as the stunning wallpapers and the catchy original songs from the anime series.

How about your opinion? Which way do you choose to enjoy the anime series? Or do you have any other ways? Share with me in the comments below!